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Argentina isn't the first place that springs to mind when you think of Black Metal, but this is where Wolves Winter hail from and having released a very strong demo of cold and grim Black Metal, could well be putting Argentina well and truly on the map. I spoke to front man Beelzebuth...

Hail Beelzebuth, can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

Hi brother! Yeah, of course! We play Black Metal, influenced by the Occultism and the Finnish bands.

Please tell us a bit about Wolves Winter and how the band was created?

Wolves’ Winter was formed in the 2008 by me, and the help of Cabra. The band changed members many times. One of the oldest members is Longinus, since 2009. But Zagoth too, although he left the band the same year and returned this year. Cabra left the band in the 2011, and was replaced by Maleficvm, he’s the actual member of the band.

The lyrics of the band are about occultism, mysticism, spiritism, black witchcraft, necromancy, etc…

How did the demo sell? Were you pleased with the response you got from it?

Yes! Of course! We sold all the copies!
And, yes, we got good reviews for it! We get interviews, proposals and offers after the release!

What got you into Black Metal, and why did you choose this genre for your band? 

I have listened the first wave and second wave of Black Metal via a friend of mine when I was young.
And I felt the hate, misanthropy, coldness and all those kind of feelings, and I decided that’s all I want in my life. So, if I had a band, it would be Black Metal.

How much do you think Black Metal has changed since the early 90's, and do you think the change is good?

How did you guys come up with the name for the band?

 I wanted a name who represents  Black Metal, fiercely like “Wolves”, cold and grim like “Winter”.

What UK bands are you particularly into? 

I know the bands Baalberith, Witchclan, Code, Basilisk, Ragnarok, Niroth and Subvertio Deus.
Good bands!

Is there any Wolves Winter merchandise, and if so how can people obtain some?

There’s no merchandise yet, we’re working to bring stuff to Europe! 

Do you have any main influences in the band?

Yeah, we're mostly influenced by Arckanum, Satanic Warmaster, Sargeist, Behexen, Horna, Unhuman Disease, Beastcraft, Darkthrone, Drowning The Light and more!

How important are the lyrics to you?

The lyrics are as important as the music…
Our lyrics talks about personal experiences, books, rituals, witchcraft, necromancy, spiritism, like I said…

Do you see Death Metal as an enemy of Black Metal or do you think the two genres are connected in any way?

I don’t see Death Metal as an enemy of Black Metal… They are different, different different meanings, 'ideologies' but that doesn’t mean it is an opposite genre… I don’t think it's connected, but both are Extreme Metal genres.

Have you been playing many shows recently? 

Mmm no, only one show in June 19th, that was the only gig in the year. I think at the end of the year we’ll play a show again.

Which country do you feel has delivered the strongest Black Metal over the last 20 years?

That’s hard to say but Sweden, Norway, Finland and France have the strongest Black Metal I think.

Where do you see the band going within the next few years?

I think we have a future. We’re working hard to show that Argentina has Black Metal too. The First full length album will be the coldest thing Argentina will have seen I hope.

Can we expect some new material from the band soon, and if so, what will it be?

Yeah, of course. We’ll finish the album before the end of the year, and maybe we'll do a split with Unhuman Disease! So, we’ll have good material soon!

Any last words?

Yeah, if someone is interested in make a split with us, just contact the band! We’re open to do that!
You can check more stuff on our sites!
Thanks to Crucifixion 'Zine, and thanks to Matt for the Interview!

Thanks Beelzebuth. Make sure you support Wolves' Winter and check them out  on their official websiteFacebook, You Tube and My Space.

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