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Necrowretch are France's latest Death Metal abomination. With two quality demos, a 12" and a new 7" under their belts, the band have recently signed to major Metal label Century Media. I spoke to front man Vlad to find out more...

Hi Vlad, how are things with Necrowretch?

Greetings from beyond! The Necrowretch beast is becoming more and more of a frenzy while the gigs and releases become more bestial than ever.

Congratulations on being signed to Century Media, did this come quite unexpected to you? 

 Yes it was totally unexpected, but I think that we can see it as a proof that Necrowretch is a promising band and is just at its beginning.

Necrowretch seems to have become very popular in the underground in a short space of time. Are you pleased with the way things are progressing? 

Of course I'm glad to see all these good critics with support for the band, but it wasn't planned at all, we're just playing Death Metal the way it has to be.

How did you come to sign to Detest Records? 

I have been in touch with Jerry (Detest Records' administrator) since the beginning of the band. 
He came one day to a gig and was blasted by the bestial performance of the band, quickly after that we made a deal for a mini LP.

How did your first demo 'Rising From Purulence' sell, and did 'Necrollections' also sell well?

 Something like 200 copies for 'Rising From Purulence' and 100 copies of 'Necrollections'. 
A repress of 'Necrollections' (50 copies) was made and afterwards a compilation tape limited to 350 copies of both demos was released called 'Ripping Souls Of Sinners'. 

You did a cover of a Nihilist song on your second demo, how did this come about or was it just something you guys always wanted to do? 

You can easily guess that we are dedicated fans of corrosive Death Metal such as the old Nihilist demos, so it was natural for us to play this song. Furthermore, it was easy to play and very catchy for the end of the gigs.

Who are your favourite older bands? 

Death, Carcass, Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Bathory....

How would you describe Necrowretch's music? You obviously play old style Death Metal but personally, I also here a slight Black Metal influence especially in the vocals. Would you say this is a fair comment?

 Necrowretch plays 'Putrid Death Metal', which means music dealing with death, the unholy, the cryptic and the beyond! There is no Black Metal inspiration (not intentionally), the vocals are inspired by Dismember's demos, Nihilist, Sadistic Intent...

How has your debut 12" 'Putrefactive Infestation' been selling? Have you had a good response from people?

There was a lot of great reviews and many people discovered us through this Mini LP. That's a good thing because 'Putrefactive Infestation' is much better than the demos material!

How is the French Death Metal scene these days? Are you a fan of the original French gods Agressor, Massacra, Mercyless and Loudblast? 

There are some good bands around, but no real scene... I like the old Massacra and Mutilated material, but it's not my favorite type of Death Metal.

Can we expect a full length album soon? 

Yes... and it will bring you to your doom!

What do you think about the UK Death Metal scene? Are there any bands you like? 

The classics - Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Benediction, Cancer... But also newer bands such as Bonesaw, Grave Miasma, Nethilith...

Necrowretch is a cool name, how did you decide upon it? 

I was looking for something unholy as fuck and my brother came up with this idea: An evil priest possessed by hell who brings death upon the living sinners! That idea led us to the name of Necrowretch!

Detest Records have just released your latest abomination which is a 7" called 'Now You're In Hell'. Will this be the last time you release something on Detest now that you're with Century Media? 

Probably yes, but who knows? Maybe we'll make some special releases through Detest Records in the future...

What can we expect next from Necrowretch? 

Putrid music, death rituals and gruesome sorcery!

Any last words? 

Thanks a lot for your questions and your support to Death Metal! 

And thanks to you as well, Vlad. Check out the new Necrowretch official website and be sure to support Necrowretch by ordering their material from Detest Records and keep checking Century Media for updates on forthcoming activities from the band!

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