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Desoulment are a top quality U.S Death Metal band who have two solid demos under their belt. I caught up with Matt Kruger who spoke to me about the band...

Hi Matt, how are you? What can you tell me about what you've been doing lately?

Not much, haha, we released a new demo song in December and have been
on a break do to personal reasons. We hope to start working on a full length CD soon.

Can you tell me a bit about how Desoulment came to be?

Tom and I have worked together in the past and wanted to do something new and be a bit more committed.

I understand you are currently working on new material for a full length album, how is that coming along so far? 

We have all the material written with the exception of lyrics for one song.

The music that Desoulment play is a brutal blend of traditional sounding Death Metal with some Thrash Metal influences. How easy is it for you to write such original sounding material in a genre which can sometimes be seen as quite limited?

It is easy for us, we like all different genres of Metal and don’t want to limit ourselves in our writing. 

You have released two solidsounding demos to date. Are you happy with the way they turned outand did they get a good response? 

Yeah for the most part. I think a couple songs could have been better but it’s a demo. They will be on
the full length. I think the response has been good to this point.

Who would you say are your main influences as a musician and in Desoulment in general?

Well I can’t speak for Tom on this but me, old school Thrash and Death Metal and just Metal in general, I could list a million bands here. I am just a huge Metal fan.

You wrote a song dedicated to Ed Veter who presents regular videos on You Tube. What was the story behind this?

Ed did a promo video for us. We gave him some stuff for doing it but thought doing this would be a huge honour for him .and for us to do it was an honour for us. Just glad he liked it.

Your lyrics seem to be pretty varied. What's your favourite type of lyrical theme or do you prefer not to keep it to one particular style?

Tom and I both write lyrics so they definitely vary. Some songs Tom writes all the lyrics some songs I write all the lyrics and some we write together.

You have already had a nice amount of merchandise available like different design shirts and even hats. Do you have more plans to release more garments like hoodies in the near future?

I have a very limited t-shirt available at the moment directly through me.
It has some sick angie decay artwork. I am sure we will have more items available in the future.

In your opinion, which country is the best for quality Death Metal, and why?

That’s hard to answer, quality Death Metal comes from a lot of different countries so I don’t think anyone is better than another.

What is the best thing about being in Desoulment?

We started it.

What can we expect next from you?

Hopefully a full length CD and then some live performances.

Any last words?

Thanks for your time and interest in Desoulment.

Thanks Matt. Be sure to check out Desoulment's official website, and also on Facebook and You Tube.
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