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With New Old School Death Metal exploding on the underground circuit like never before, I thought I would catch up with the Michel who is the man behind Entrapment from The Netherlands, and see what's going on at the moment. This is the result...

Hi Michel, can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Hey Matt, first of all thanks for the support!
Besides Entrapment I’m running my own merchandise company, printing band shirts etc.

How is life in Entrapment at the moment?

Life is pretty ok at the moment. There’s a lot coming up and I’m busy with the full length which should be released by Soulseller Records within a couple of months from now.

You have only been around for a couple of years so far but already you have three solid releases. Are you happy with the way the demos turned out?

Yeah very pleased with all the support! Entrapment started off with some ideas I recorded on my pc. And now after 2 demo’s and a 7” things are starting to look pretty serious ha ha.

You are a one-man band, which seems to be something which is becoming more popular with Death Metal acts. Do you prefer working alone?

I still see Entrapment as a kind of personal project. My friends who help me out on stage are pretty busy with other bands as well so it works out just fine like this.

Your most recent release 'Crawling Morbidity' has been released as a 7" on Destest records. Can you tell us how this came about?

Detest records released the Infernal Blasphemies demo in 2010 and since the beginning we had plans to record and release a 7”. So last year I wrote and recorded the songs at a friends studio and Detest released the gem.

Which bands are you particularly into and which bands influence you when writing new material for Entrapment?

I have to admit I’m into all kinds of music but I get my influences basically out of old death metal bands like Autopsy, Nihilist, Asphyx but also old punk and hardcore bands too many to mention.

Lyrically, what are your favourite subjects to write about?

Serpent and the rainbow kinda claustrophic lyrics about being buried alive and that kind of nonsense haha.

What UK bands do you appreciate?

That’s a hell of a question since I’m also into punk, hardrock, indymusic but to mention some:
Carcass, Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Anathema, Benediction, Cancer, Desecrator,
Paradise Lost, Cathedral,The Ruts, Discharge, Crass, the Clash, Slaughter and the Dogs, Varukers, Amebix, Buzzcocks, Budgie, Blitzkrieg, Tygers of Pantang, Rudimentary Peni, Flux of Pink Indians and so on and so on.

How easy is the recording process in Entrapment?

Pretty easy I have to say, as soon I got the songs stuck in my head I record the drums. When the drums are done I record the guitars and the bass. Then I write the lyrics and do the vocals. At home I try to find nice melodies and solo’s as well as our live 2nd guitar player Jerome.

How did you come up with the band name and logo?

I stole the name from Asphyx’s side project Soulburn. The first song is called Hellish Entrapment. When I started to draw the logo it turned out a bit the same as the Dismember logo..well I like that band a lot.

Out of your three demos, which has been your favourite and why?

The first demo and the 7” are my favorites. The recordings went very smooth and that’s always a good sign.

Being a one man band, are you able to play live with a live line up or is this something that doesn't interest you?

Yeah we do live shows. I’ve got some friends helping me out. We rehearse once a while. The new death metal wave didn’t reach the Netherlands yet so we don’t play that often.

What kind of interest from labels have you had so far?

Quite a few, and on most of them Entrapment will release a split 7”, demo, or discography.

There are lots of bands playing traditional Death Metal in the vein of the old days now, are you proud to be a part of that?

Yes it’s great. We had the honour to play at the Kill Town Death Fest last year…it was really cool to see all the people going mad on bands like Funebrarum, Winterwolf, Vanhelgd or Sonne Adam.

How do you see Entrapment progressing over the next couple of years?

I have to admit that I'm not really ambitious at the moment. Death Metal have been my favorite genre for more than 20 years now. And I’m glad there’s an uprising of new bands playing the old style. It’s great that Entrapment is taking part in this before it’s over again, ha ha.

Can we expect a new release any time soon?

The full length on Soulseller Records will be the next release.

What plans do you have for Entrapment in the future?

There will be a Digipack with basically both demo’s, raw mixes and live track released by Godeater Records. Slap Bet Records will release the Putrefying Stench of Death demo on 7” vinyl. There will be a split 7” with Torturerame from Belgium. Also a split 7” with Massive Assault from the Netherlands. And there are plans for a split 12” with Pyre from Russia. And a limited Live tape released by myself.

Any last words?

Thanks a lot for the interview, I'm enjoying your Youtube channel!
Stay true - whatever that means!

Thanks to you Michel for the interview. Since doing this interview, Entrapment has released a special digi-pak CD featuring both demos and can be obtained here. Also be sure to check out Entrapment on Myspace and Facebook.

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