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Of all the new bands playing old school Death Metal, Necrocurse from Sweden are one of the finest. With a string of impressive releases under their belt so far, a full length album is in the pipeline so I spoke to drummer Nicklas Rudolfsson and guitarist Stefan Rodin about the band...

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit of background information on yourself? 

NR: Nicklas “Terror” Rudolfsson, drummer and de-composer in Necrocurse. I have been involved in many bands of the swedish metal-scene over the years but since the past few years, I see Necrocurse as my main band.

SR: Stefan Rodin - guitar. I’ve played in all kinds of bands earlier like Masticator, Phobos, I played bass with John Norum from Europe (high Death Metal credits!?!? hehe) and some other projects. 

How are things going at the moment with Necrocurse? 

SR: Very good. We have a lot going on right now! 

NR: Great and miserable at the same time.. haha! We've made some great gigs here in Sweden and we will do more this year. Will try to get to other countries as soon as possible as well. but we are late with the recordings of a full album which sucks but we will deal with it again in the summer / early fall. So hopefully the label (Pulverised Records) can release the album late in 2012. 

Your first release was a demo called 'Shape Of Putrid Abomination' which is now very hard to come by. How many were made and how quickly did it sell out? 

NR: Only a few CDr copies spread to close friends. Early versions of some songs with myself on vocals. Will not be re-released! 

You play a very classic style of Swedish Death Metal, a sound which I am a very big fan of I might add. How do you feel about the new wave of bands who play in this style?

NR: New wave? Perhaps we are also part of the wave then? To be honest I don’t have full coverage on the scene and new bands. But I try to keep up and listen to new bands as I get some tips on new good things. 

You recently released a mini CD entitled 'Shape Of Death' which is a special edition shaped disc with some exclusive tracks. How has this sold and has it been accepted well? 

NR: It was a bit delayed due to problems with delivery, but it’s finally available now! The songs are all from the same recording made back in 2010 on the 7" vinyl 'Chaos Carnage Cataclysm' and 'Insane Curse of Morbidity' but re-mixed plus a bonus track. Do not have a clue about sales figures, but it should run out pretty quickly as it's only released in 500 copies. 

In your live sets you play a cover of a classic Sodom track called 'Blasphemer'. Are you big fans of early Sodom and what made you choose this song in particular? 

NR: Sodom are one of the pioneering bands of Death / Thrash / Black Metal and we have always liked them. 'In The Sign Of Evil' is damn good in an obscure way! 'Blasphemer' is an old classic that many bands have made cover of but it can be done again, so we did. 

You have released two 7" records, 'Chaos Carnage Cataclysm' and 'Insane Curse of Morbidity' respectively, of these two releases which has been your favourite and why? 

SR: I like both very much, but I think 'Chaos Carnage Cataclysm' is slightly better. 'Shape Of Putrid Abomination' is a personal favorite. Every time I listen to that or play the song it just gets better. 

NR: I like them both but may feel that the sound was better mixed on the shaped CD "Shape of Death". 

What UK bands do you appreciate? 

SR: Judas Priest, Saxon, Motörhead, old Carcass and stuff like that. 

NR: Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Judas Priest, Angel Witch, (old) Cathedral, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Venom, Electric Wizard... 

You have quite a lot of merchandise available, is this something that you fund yourself or do you have good financial backing from your label? 

SR: We make our own merch and pay for everything ourselves. I previously owned a screenprinting company so I have very good connections there. And Hellbutcher is an awesome screenprinter and graphic artist as well. 

What is the meaning (if any) behind the name and how did you come up with it? 

NR: It sounds hard and represents the music pretty well. Some of the first project/band names were “The Necro Project”, “Necromagick”  before we chose Necrocurse. Of course there are many "Necro*" bands already but what the hell, it's good enough for us! 

Have you been getting a good turn out at your gigs? 

SR: I think so. We try to make a huge impact on stage if possible. 

Are there some plans for a full length any time soon? 

NR: Well, as I said earlier, we hope that it (CD/vinyl) will be a release late in 2012 by Pulverised Records and vinyl license partner. We have quite a lot of material and have selected nine songs for the album. Some of the titles: Speed to the Grave, Infernal Rebellion, Strike of Sepulchral Terror, The Devil Cobra, Brain Raper, Morbid Maniacs, Havoc Rebels of Doom, Grip of the Dead. 

SR: We will possibly release another 7 "vinyl this year too. 

Who would you say, musically, are your main influences in Necrocurse? 

NR: old Death, Coroner, old Tiamat/Treblinka, Sodom, Sarcofago, Grotesque, old Morbid Angel, Slayer... 

SR: Eddie Meduza 

Were you around in the early 90's for the explosion of Death Metal and how do you think it's changed over the years? 

NR: Yes we where all playing in bands (Death / Doom / Thrash / Metal) in late 80’s / early 90’s. Me, Stefan and Johan played together in many bands like Masticator, Blasfemia, Crusaders of Death and so on. Martin played in metal/doom bands and Hellbutcher started Nifelheim. 

As for the change... I suppose some turned out crap and some good and of course the internet changed a lot. 

In your opinion, for you which band has been the most inspirational for you when you were first forming Necrocurse? 

NR: Hard to tell, but probably more or less everything (which is hard and good) we listened to over the years. 

What plans do you musically or the future? 

SR: Record the album, and hopefully play more live gigs next year.  

Any last words? 

NR: Thanks for the interview! Speed to the Grave!!! 

SR: Thanks a lot.

Thanks for your time in answering the questions guys. Remember to check out Necrocurse if you're serious about Traditional Death Metal. Visit their official website here, check them out on Facebook here, and Myspace here.

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