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ASPHYXIATOR interview March 2012

Black Metal is thriving in the UK, and Asphyxiator is at the forefront of it all with his bands Mystiabllus, Demonic Cremator and Unholy Deathcunt. I interviewed him and this is what he had to say...

Hi Trev, how are you? What have you been up to lately?

Hi Matt, well the past few months have been very busy in terms of writing and recording Mystiabllus material, promoting, and trying to get some fucking holidays booked. I am also in the middle of updating my studio equipment, it never ends.

You seem to have your fingers in a lot of different pies. Can you tell me a bit about your different projects?

Ok no problem, Demonic Cremator is me and my partner Necrotica playing out our influences really of total mid '80’s black metal, new plans are in action. Unholy Deathcunt is myself and Filthgrinder handling all vocals now, VERY intense band, about as manic as my mind can tolerate, a very anxiety mooded band, new EP in the works, and Mystiabllus, total and utter Black Metal, think early Emperor, Burzum. New split tape out and EP soon.

Mystiabllus is your latest venture. What was it that inspired you to start this up?

I really started this as Spiritus, but something never felt completely right for some weird reason. So I put that to rest, months later returned with a greater concept of the whole idea, and so I wear my influenced entirely on my sleeve, I wanted corpse paint, Satanism, hatred, harsh cold sound, The imagery is as important as the sound, which might sound a bit shit, but it’s true. This is the bleakest part of my soul,
and most introverted and selfish band. Mystiabllus is of course inspired by the early ‘90’s Black Metal bands, Norwegian also French. This my goal to keep this FEEL and GRIMNESS alive in our black hearts, this I suppose where Spiritus left and died, there is no more. New split cassette with Corrupt Humanity is out now on Sacrificial Tapes.

Your project Unholy Deathcunt is the most chaotic and darkest of your 4 bands, is it intentional to make this one so nasty sounding?

The intention is to fuck things beyond hell in terms of nasty, angry and total mayhem. Pure Blackened /Death Warmetal!!! Drink it down and destroy with chainsaw, now I have been joined by the mentalist that is FILTHGRINDER on vocals this is taking things even more extreme and new satanic ideas are brewing. The FUCK YOU demo was released to 300 copies in 2011 and was received greatly, now this new 8 track will be along this year and is sounding CHAOS! 

You are in Demonic Cremator with your partner Necrotica, she is obviously a big part in your life but how well do you work together on music?

We work together perfectly as Demonic Cremator because we have the same musical influences, mostly, I mean mostly I will show her a new riff or something then the next minute we are jamming and getting songs together, making more plans and getting excited about it, there is something coming very soon by the way!

How well did the Spititus demo sell? Is there something new planned?

The Spiritus releases sold not too bad considering there was no real label or anything to get behind it, but as I Said earlier it is really a DEAD project, I still have some copies around.

You covered a Mayhem song on the 'Fuck You' demo, how did this come about and is it something you had always planned for the demo?

I fuckin’ love this song, as I do the entire ‘De Mysteriis…’ album, I just wanted to have a bit of fun with it.

How do you view the UK Black Metal scene?

You know I think from what I see lately there is a lot of great stuff coming from all over the country now, real quality stuff with the right fuckin’ attitude and lots of passion. And to be honest I am fuckin’ proud to be involved in this.

Which bands inspire you most in Mystiabllus?

Vlad Tepes, Mutiilation, Early Behemoth, Early Empereor, and of course the mighty Burzum.

All your bands are quite different in sound and style, do you find it easy to keep such a diverse style for each of your projects?

Sure, these bands sound different and have different feels to them, I have to say it is very easy as these are all different moods and influences. Very schizophrenic but it works, it also takes some time as I work within the mood I am in at the time, but this works out fine.

What can we expect next from you?

Split cassette from Mystiabllus/ Corupt Humanity limited to 50, titled 'FACE OF DESTRUCTION'. 
Mystiabllus 6 track CD titled ‘THE CEREMONY’ out next month.
New Unholy Deathcunt EP being recorded as we speak, this is gonna KILL!!

Do you think the internet is a hinderance or aid to the Metal Underground?

To me it is a vital way of getting heard, and hearing music myself that would be almost impossible without. There is divided opinion of course, but overall this is a blessing.

Any last words?

Matt, I just wanna say thanks for the interview and getting the chance to explain things about myself, and these bands. British Black/Death Metal is thriving!!

Thanks to you too Trev. Remember to check out all Asphyxiator's projects; Mystiabllus, Demonic Cremator, Spiritus, and Unholy Deathcunt. Support UK Black Metal!

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